My personal motto is “Polished Exterior, Techie Interior”. I'm a Cybersecurity professional with over 10 years of experience working in the financial industry and most recently the public sector. I co-founded an non-profit EdTech, JOURNi, where we are building an authentically inclusive tech ecosystem in Detroit. In efforts to get more women into Cybersecurity, I started Securing Your Path. I'm a mom, mentor, coder, hacker, strategist, and change agent. If you'd like to get in touch with me, drop a note and/or find me on the social sites.


Spreading my out of office time between these ventures


JOURNi is a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping communities with the skills and know-how to jump start local economies; to allow those communities to become globally competitive.

We believe in cultivating creativity, critical thinking, and a sense of culture. 

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Securing Your Path is a community of women ininterested in, or looking to transition into
Cybersecurity. We offer a plethora of networking, speaker series, and technical skill building sessions. 

We are the only women-focused meet-up in town building real skills and expanding our networks in the InfoSec industry.

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Knowledge Seeker


I'm always on a quest for knowledge. In this process, I have accumulated several certifications.

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Certified since 2012

Certified since 2015

Certified since 2010

Certified since 2009




You Owe It To Your Business 

I'm interested in helping solopreneurs and  small business entrepreneurs secure their path in business. There are a variety of factors which play into ensuring your business is in good standing from a security perspective. While the InfoSec industry is vast and much time and energy can be spent in a single disciple, there are key components that should be baked into or at least considered when you want your "baby" to succeed. Let's face it - some part of it will be online. 

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