Your Path into Cybersecurity: Ask Yourself (S1: Ep1)

A series based on the original 10 step pathway

As stated in my last article, if there was enough interest, I would make this a series. So guess what - series, it is! I’ll break down each of the high level topics I mentioned in the first article. If you don’t remember or did not read it, you can catch up here.

To summarize, the 1st point was “Ask Yourself - can I work well under pressure and can I deal with the ebbs and flows of a highly dynamic industry?”


What does this mean?

Incident Response, for example, is often compared to a fire drill. It’s like ummm, what happened here, I need this, have to analyze that, I need to provide a status update to stakeholders, my colleague needs assistance, and so on, and so on…

Whoa…that’s some stir crazy, squirrel chasing type behavior.

I’m sure you can understand the need for a calming force - one who is knowledgeable, can set expectations, delegate appropriately and keep the incident flowing. This skill is beyond pure technical abilities. This individual encompasses technical prowess, strong communication skills, leadership abilities, conflict management and influence. Go you, you unicorn.

Additionally, due to the dynamic nature of the industry, I believe individuals that function well with identifying and working on new problems on a consistent basis thrive and can survive a lucrative career.

How do you become one of these unicorns?

I know, you thought they were mythical creatures. However, proper training with regards to the aforementioned qualities can be delivered. It’s just up to you to seek it out, if it does not come naturally. Think about that one colleague on your team that commands an incident, that seems so calm amidst the madness, that keeps you all on track. Talk to him/her - ask their advice. More often than not, it is fear, confidence, and non-existence of accountability that stand in the way of your ability to level up in this arena. So, toss those feelings aside and live outside your comfort zone for a while. You will soon find that you are now comfortable.

I’m interested in helping more women secure their path into Cybersecurity. If you are a woman interested or looking to transition into in the field, feel free to reach out to me.

As always, all views are those of my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the company for which I work.