Your Path Into Cybersecurity: Familiarization (Series 1:Ep3)

A series based on the original 10 step pathway

Hey guys, I'm back with point three. As stated therein...

"Familiarize yourself with the many disciplines in the field - It is hard for me to answer questions about getting into the field, when one does not have an idea of the area in which they’d like to focus. Do you want to be offensive or defensive, project focused, or on the front-lines, reactive or proactive? Guess what? There are also areas that are not technically focused. For a list of disciplines within the field, check out the Cybersecurity Workforce Framework."

Familiarizing yourself with many disciplines in Cybersecurity does not mean you need to try to be a master of them all - who can do that?! With an industry as dynamic as a growing child, it is best to gain a base level of knowledge across disciplines and hone in on an area of particular interest to you.

What appeals to you, is something of which you need to discover. NICCS provides a helpful framework through common language that breakdown different areas of discipline.

Buzzwords aside - think about what part of the security spectrum you want to focus; from Security Architecture to Research and Development (and everything in between).

Also, check out, the list of "20 Coolest Careers" posted by SANS (and listed below), which also provides job descriptions, courses available to increase your knowledge in the area, why it is cool, and why it makes a difference...I don't know about you, but I want to make a difference, dammit!

Disclaimer: "Coolest" is subjective and relative, so don't shoot the messenger.

The field is wide and vast, and the industries of which that are making it a priority, is every growing.

So, happy searching, hunting, analyzing, researching, exploiting, testing, developing, managing, and all the other adjectives that apply to what we do on a daily basis.

I hope this helps. See ya in my next post.